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Does it feed the little lake below?
That speck of white just on its marge
Is Pella; see, in the evening glow,
How sharp the silver spear-heads charge
When Alp meets heaven in snow!

from By the Fire-Side, by Robert Browing (1812-1889)

The lake front at Pella - photo courtesy of Mike Brown

Pella is a wonderful village on the west shore of Lake Orta, the village itself bulging out on a promontory into the lake.  The lungolago (lake-front road) is the focal point of the village in the evenings when the locals come out for their after dinner stroll.

You can reach Pella by regular boat service from Orta San Giulio and Omegna, see for details (the 2012 timetable is here).  There is also a water taxi stationed at Pella.

There are several small beaches at Pella, La Baia is a pay beach, whereas Spiaggia Roncallo is free.  Between Gozzano and Pella, the largest is Lagna beach which is free, whereas Miami beach at the south end of the lake is a pay beach with comprehensive facilities.  There are several small groceries, several bars, and some good restaurants: the Pizzeria Piazzetta, another Pizzeria, and the Ristorante Bar Imbarcadero.

The large tower visible on the lake front towards the left of the picture above serves delicious home made ice-cream (the Gelateria Antica Torre) and is the focal point in the evenings...

View of the villages of Alzo (in the foreground) and Pella (right on the lake front) from the Madonna del Sasso - photo courtesy of David Hammond

Looking back to Orta San Giulio from Pella - photo courtesy of Mike Brown

The following apartment is located in Pella: Casa Fiori

For further information on the local area, see also the web site of the Comune di Pella ( )

Isola San Giulio from Pella - photo courtesy of Mike Brown

Lake front of Pella in winter - Photo with permission and courtesy of Giovanni Vignotto 2012

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