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When you make a reservation with us, this page (together with our correspondence) are the basis of the agreement between us.

Booking Process

Our booking process for direct bookings is as follows:

Bookings via Web Portals

For bookings via web portals such as VRBO (formerly FeWo / HomeAway) and, the price, bookings process, booking deposit, security deposit, cancellation terms and any applicable fees are managed by the web portal where you make the booking, and supersede those specified in this document.  All other terms in this page are applicable.

Booking deposit

A 30% booking deposit is required to reserve accommodation, and full payment (including a returnable security deposit) is required eight weeks before your arrival.

Security deposit

A returnable security deposit of £100 is required, to cover breakages or any other unpaid costs or expenses.  If you are paying in euros, the returnable security deposit is €120.  If you are paying in US dollars, the returnable security deposit is US$150.

Payment - UK Residents

Direct Bank Transfers are welcome, please ask for details of our account.

Cheques should be in pounds sterling.

Your returnable security deposit will normally be returned by direct bank transfer.

Payment - Non-UK Residents

The following payment methods are available:

Your returnable security deposit will be returned:


Prices in US$ or euro € on our web sites are subject to variation as a result of exchange rate movements, so please always check with us for an up-to-date quotation.

Quotations are generally guaranteed in the currency in which they are quoted, however we reserve the right to recalculate balance payments based on the pound sterling price in force at the time of the quotation and the latest exchange rates, if exchange rate movements are more than 10%.

Stays shorter than a week

We accept stays shorter than a week, depending on the apartment and time of year, as follows.
Apartment October through April May through September
Bluewater, Casa Fiori

min. 5 days

min. 7 days


min. 4 days

Where there is a gap shorter than the above minimum period, we will of course be happy to accept a booking to fill the gap.

Our pricing basis for stays less than a week is as follows.

Cost for stays less than 7 days

Bluewater, Casa Fiori, Isola.

10% reduction off weekly price
for each day less than a week

Validity of Offers

When we confirm that an apartment is available, the offer is valid for 48 hours, unless we state differently.  If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will assume that you are no longer interested, and may offer the apartment to someone else.

If you need more time to decide, please let us know within/every 48 hours, allowing us to confirm back to you that you still hold the option on the apartment.

We cannot hold more than one apartment for you (unless of course you are interested in booking more than one).  If you need more time to decide between apartments, ask us to hold your first choice apartment.

Once you have confirmed that you want to book, we will then agree the time is necessary to pay the booking deposit, usually a few days.  Please confirm by email when you have made payment.

If we do not receive payment in the agreed timescale, and have not heard from you, we will contact you and give you 48 hours to confirm that you are still interested.

Alterations to bookings

Changes to the number of occupants must be notified to us in good time, so that we can provide the correct linen and towels, but do not incur any charge (except where we have quoted you a special rate dependent on the number of occupants).  The stated maximum occupancy of the apartment cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.

Changes by up to 14 days of arrival and departure days, where we are able to accommodate you, attract a booking alteration fee of £10 / €12 / US$15.  Reductions in the length of stay will be treated as for cancellations (see below).


The returnable security deposit (if already paid) will always be returned in full.

Up to eight weeks before occupancy: we refund payment made, less 25% of the total weekly rental;

From eight to four weeks before occupancy: we refund payment made, less 50% of the total weekly rental;

Within four weeks of occupancy: no refund is normally made.

Cancellations should be emailed or phoned, and followed up by email or letter explaining the circumstances of the cancellation.

Special Terms in response to Covid-19 outbreak

The follow special terms apply to bookings for 2020 made directly with us.  The purpose of these changes is to offer you greater flexibility, in view of the uncertainty created by the outbreak, so you can manage your changing travel plans, whilst allowing us to retain you as a client where possible.

For bookings via web portals such as HomeAway / VRBO, please contact us.  We will follow the recommendations of the platform.  Most travel platforms have now declared force majeure, meaning that if your stay is not possible because your dates fall within a period of restricted travel, a full refund including platform fees will be offered.

Other than the above, our normal terms as set out elsewhere on this page apply.

If coronavirus disruption continues into 2021 (we sincerely hope it doesn't), we are likely to offer similar terms as the above.

UK Government Advice on Covid-19 with links for FCO travel advice is (opens in a new window).

A good website with global stats and charts by country of the outbreak is (opens in a new window).  There are options for log scales on some of the charts, to focus on comparative rates of growth and how they are changing over time.

'All In' promise

We ask for a returnable security deposit (as detailed under Terms and Conditions above).  Other than that, and the one exception in the table below (cots for Isola), our prices are fully inclusive of all services, there are no hidden extra charges.

'All In' promise Costs are:
Bed linen included (except for cots)
Towels included (but not beach towels), 2 towels per person
Final cleaning included (but we ask you to leave the apartment in a reasonable state;
if the apartment is not left in a reasonable state we reserve the right to
charge final cleaning costs from your security deposit)
Electricity included
Gas included, see also below under Winter Heating
Telephone included (where available, which is for incoming and local calls only)
Extra person included up to the stated maximum for the apartment (which cannot be exceeded);
must always be notified to us (see above under Alterations and below under Guests);
unless we make a special offer with a maximum number of occupants.
Cot included (subject to availability)
except for Isola for which there is a charge of £30 per week or part week.
Note that linen is not provided for cots

Winter Heating

For all apartments, charges for hot water, gas for cooking, and winter heating are included, subject to reasonable use i.e. if usage is unreasonable we reserve the right to charge from your security deposit at €1.50 per cubic metre for the full amount of gas used.  Please therefore do as you would at home, e.g. turn the temperature setting down if you are out for the day.

Availability of Facilities and Services

Where essential equipment  in your apartment (i.e. the boiler for hot water and heating, the cooker, or the fridge) are broken or unavailable, we aim to fix these as soon as possible, and if we are unable to fix these within one working day (excluding weekends and Italian public holidays), we will endeavour to provide alternative accommodation to a similar standard.  Should this not be possible, any refund will be limited to the cost of the accommodation that is unavailable.

All other facilities and services are provided on a best endeavours basis.  We will do our best to provide the services and facilities advertised, but we do not accept liability where these are unavailable through no fault of our own.   In particular, please note:

Access to Internet Router

Where a router providing a wifi internet service is physically situated in your apartment, you are not authorised to switch it on or off or make any adjustment to any switch or setting on the router, except under our explicit guidance following a request for assistance.  This applies to all apartments, even if the service is only for your apartment.

The router should be on when you arrive, and the network name and password detailed in your location pack are all you need to access the service.  If for any reason this is not the case, please double check your set up first, and if you believe there is a problem with the router or the service, please contact us through the assistance numbers provided.

In you modify or reset the router settings and we need to attend in person (during or after your stay) to re-establish the service we reserve the right to charge up to the full amount of your security deposit.


The names of all occupants of your apartment or villa, together with the ages of all under 21s, must be given to us, and we must be kept informed of any changes.  We do not allow you to invite guests into your holiday home, the grounds, or (where applicable) the swimming pool.  You are not allowed to have any sort of party or event in your apartment, however informal.

Contact Details

The full contact details of all occupants are required, for us to be able to contact each family group at home and whilst in Italy (non-urgent communication whilst you are in Italy would normally be by text message so that you don't incur any cost).  Where there are unrelated adults that live at different addresses staying in the same apartment, we require the full contact details of each adult.  The requirement to be able to contact you directly applies even if your booking is made by an agent, or by a close relative staying in another of our apartments.

ID Collection

Under Italian law we are obliged to collect the ID of all occupants to our properties.  The extension of these requirements to private short term holiday rentals (in addition to hotels) was clarified in the Italian parliament in November 2018.  The relevant legislation is Article 109 of the TULPS (Public Security Laws) and the Ministerial Decree of 7/1/2013.  We are required to collect the name, date of birth and citizenship of all occupants, and in addition the passport details of one lead family member or one lead member of unrelated travel groups, and to transmit this information electronically using the AlloggiatiWeb service operated by the Polizia di Stato, which we are a registered user of as holiday rental managers.  We therefore require your full cooperation to provide this data as a condition of booking.  We will aim to collect the ID data from you in advance of your arrival to minimise any disruption to your stay.


In a few apartments we allow pets (always check with us when making a booking). Where we do, your dog is welcome, but must be well behaved and able to comply with all of the following points:

Please do not make a booking with us unless you are able and intend to fully comply with each of these points.


Smoking is allowed except where indicated for specific apartments (please always check with us when making a booking).

Even where smoking is allowed, we would prefer if you could try and smoke outside, as the smoke can linger in apartments, be difficult to eliminate from furnishings and your apartment, and thereby risk annoyance to the occupants after you.

Where heavy smoking has taken place inside the apartments and we have to wash covers/carpets, we reserve the right to charge these extra costs from your security deposit.

Any cleaning up of cigarette butts inside or outside the apartments will always be considered extra cleaning, and will be subtracted from your deposit.

Grounds Maintenance

To maintain the gardens of Bluewater, we need to periodically cut the grass and undertake other work in the grounds.  In the spring and summer this is necessary about once every 2 weeks.  In the summer period from June to September, we try to limit grounds maintenance to the Saturday changeover period, but this is not guaranteed and is not always possible.  Any noise from lawnmowers or strimmers is wherever possible limited to the period 0900 to 1700.

If we know in advance that grounds maintenance work needs to be undertaken mid-week, we will advise you by text the day before.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused, but regular grounds maintenance is necessary, and occasionally work may need to take place mid-week, in which case we ask for your understanding and patience.

Local Taxes

We pay all applicable local taxes on your behalf, including:

Please ask if you require a receipt.

Previous Versions of Terms & Conditions

For reference, older versions of our Terms & Conditions are available here:
    Version 111 effective 16-1-2019, revised 3-3-2019, 4-3-2020, 8-3-2020, 21-10-2020 and 10-10-2021 (this version)
    Version 110 effective 29-3-2015, revised 25-8-2016, 11-2-2017, 6-12-2017, 2-1-2018, 7-7-2018, 2-1-2019
    Version 109 effective 5-5-2014

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