It was wonderful to see friends and family last Saturday evening to help celebrate my fiftieth.  Many thanks to all who were able to be there - and many thanks for the great presents, kind words (do I really still look 30??), and touching thank-you notes (a lovely tradition) and emails.

We were very happy with the restaurant, it was exactly what we wanted.  Perhaps the only criticism was that we couldn't see the river in the dark!  It reminded us of the meals we used to have out in large groups when we were a bit younger, although once upon a time it was every night, whereas now it seems to be once a decade... (don't worry, I'm still talking about the meals out...)

We hope you found some interesting company, renewed old friendships and perhaps learned more about those you already knew.  I hope the table quiz was not too taxing - I certainly learned something about the year I was born in making it, not having taken much interest in current affairs at the time (doh!).

I hope you enjoy these pictures - many thanks to John, the budding photographer (with help from others).

Well, Pardis and I enjoyed seeing you all very much, and we hope to see you all very soon.


London, 4.4.2009