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Jane and Garry's Wedding

Jane and Garry were married in the Comune of Orta San Giulio on Friday 5th September 2003.  The reception for some 40 guests was held in the Hotel Villa Crespi.

Jane in the Villa Crespi   At the Villa Crespi

Arriving by launch...    The Bridal Party at the Villa Crespi  

 The intrepretter signs the Register during the Ceremony   On the terrace of the Comune

Outside the Comune - Just Married   On the terrace of the Comune

photos courtesy of Artefoto di Enrico Mocci

Champagne and Canape's at the Villa Crespi   The Bride and her Parents at the Villa Crespi

Jane and Garry in the Piazza of Orta San Giulio

The bride's mother writes:

The wedding organised by William was perfect down to the last detail.

Of course the setting had something to do with the occasion being the dream wedding my daughter had always envisaged - S.G is SO beautiful, the most romantic of places. One of our guests said it was like something from Romeo and Juliet. The wedding in the wedding hall, the walk through the village to the boats and the ride to the reception at the Villa Crespi were all perfect cameos which were part of the whole picture. As for the reception at the Crespi -- well what can I say? It was everything we wanted and more. The food was just spectacular, divine presentation and so much of everything. The wedding cake - left to the Chef at the Crespi to design was a triumph and tasted just wonderful. Everything we asked for was no problem and the evening spent under the canopy with the views down to the lake, completed a day that my daughter, son-in-law and all our guests will always remember.

My thanks to William for his personal attention and the calming support he gave to all of us during the build up to the Wedding.

Rest assured, your dreams will be safe in his hands.

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