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December 2006.  We regret to say that Casa Bellavista is no longer available, owing to the sale of the apartment.  We are pleased to have been able to offer this great apartment in a historic building for five seasons.

November 2006.  We are delighted to offer for the first time for the 2007 season a spacious two bedroom apartment on the west side of Lake Orta, in the wonderful village of Pella.  Well situated for shops and restaurants, Casa Fiori is just 100 metres from the lake front where you can stroll in the evenings, or catch a water taxi to Orta San Giulio.

October 2006.  Punta Movero and Belvedere have switched to Thursday changeovers.  We have had to fell the large alder tree (ontano, "fernet del bosco") in the front garden of Villa Gelsomina, which had died.  In its place we have planted a small olive tree (ulivo).

September 2006.  In order to focus on our most popular properties, we are no longer marketing Casa Truzzi, Casa Fabrizio, Casa Antonella, or Casa Zeffiro.  We've also finally got round to adding the German translation of our home page.

June 2006.  We are delighted to report that the two ground floor apartments in Villa Gelsomina, Ciao Sole! and Ciao Italia!, are now in use, with the work on the kitchens, furnishings, and fittings having been undertaken in the Spring and completed slightly ahead of schedule.  This therefore completes the building and furnishing of this superb villa.  The project has taken nearly five years, from our initial interest in the plot of land in October 2001, through the signing  for the land in July 2002 (see below), the main construction phase from October 2003 to June 2005, to the readying for occupancy of the last two apartments in June 2006.  We've also done more work this Spring on the grounds - which are beginning to really complement the building - completing the stone footpath around the house, a flight of stone steps down in the garden on the north side, adding a hedge (pittosforo) along the bank above the pool, planting climbing jasmine (rico spernum jasmedoides) on the walls flanking the patios of the ground floor apartments, plus two beautiful camelias, some azaleas, and hydrangeas (ortensia) down the bank on the south wall.

May 2006.  We've added Dutch and Danish translations of the home page; a German translation will be coming soon.

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